Liveu escape

WUSA9 in Washington DC had the idea of taking the LiveU LU-60 portable video over cellular backpack solution and expanding its “in the field” functionality. In conjunction with WUSA and LiveU, Communications Vehicle Service built out a Hybrid Ford Escape, producing the first of its kind MNG (Mobile News Gathering vehicle). The vehicle is designed with the potential to deploy quickly, have at times only one operator, have to stream video on the move, yet still carry a full compliment of passengers when necessary as well as be able to quickly and easily remove the LiveU backpack for “out of vehicle” service. The vehicle is equipped with a 2.0 kw inverter / charger with sealed technical battery, 13 rack unit equipment rack, Kussmaul auto-disconnect shore power input and custom rooftop rack for mounting antennas. The A/V system consist of two on-board HD cameras, two additional stand-up camera inputs, 4 input SDI video switcher, audio mixer, audio monitor and dual 8″ LCD monitors for selecting and pushing video out the tethered LiveU system. An off-air antenna and 7″ LCD monitor with built in tuner is installed to receive the stations broadcasted feed and optional LiveU remote touchscreen and external antenna are installed for enhanced use of the LU-60.